Strand, Western Cape

Strand, Western_Cape

Central Business District

The town has a vibrant business district, attracting customers from all over the town. The large black and coloured communities situated just outside Strand also flock to the CBD on a daily basis. The CBD offers banks, numerous little shopping malls, restaurants, and supermarkets. The Friedman & Cohen is the largest single shop on the outskirts of the CBD and serves as the main attraction for residents to the area, as well as non-residents. The majour shopping malls in the area include the Dorpsmeent Centre and, the Somerset Mall shopping mall, however the latter is not in the CBD, but rather just outside the town.

Strand’s central business district is entirely surrounded by suburbia. There are, however, other businesses which are not situated in the CBD. Some scholars have suggested that Strand’s CBD is shifting away from the beachfront, due to enormous economic growth and the declining unemployment statistics of the town, which result in more businesses opening their doors in on the in-land boundaries of the CBD.


Strand has its own industrial area, namely the Gants Centre. However in the past few years the Gants Centre has increasingly been accommodating normal businesses other than the usual factories once found there. These in turn are gradually relocating to the dynamite sites outside the town, near Somerset West.

The Gants Centre once had a massive pickling factory, which served as a great job provider to the residents.

In the winters there are a low inversion layer covering the town, resulting in some degree of pollution, however this is rarely seen because of the constant strong winds keeping Strand’s skies clean.

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Western Cape – best in the world

Western Cape Scenery

The Western Cape‘s results in last financial year reconfirmed its position as South Africa’s best-run administration, finance MEC Alan Winde said on Tuesday.

“But, Speaker, our vision for this province does not stop there: we have set ourselves the target of becoming the best run regional government in the world.”

Winde was making the provincial treasury 2012/13 budget vote speech in Cape Town.

“One of the most critical factors upon which our success will be judged is our ability to eradicate corruption. We have already made significant progress toward this goal.”

In 2010/11, for the second consecutive year, every department of the Western Cape government achieved an unqualified audit from the Auditor-General.

The province also spent more of its total budget than any other province in South Africa, just over 99 percent, he said.

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Submit your SMME biz plan and win

Map of the Western Cape province of South Afri...

A national business plan competition, Seda Small Business Stars, with a unique focus on entrepreneurial education at a provincial level, has been launched in the Western Cape by the Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda).

Seda hopes that this will encourage more entrepreneurial development within the Western Cape, which, it says, is one of the most entrepreneurially dynamic provinces in the country, yet still contributes just 14.4% to the country’s gross domestic product.

This, says Seda, is partly due to the lack of entrepreneurial education and infrastructure in the region.

Small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) account for approximately 40% of South Africa’s gross domestic product, and employ more than half of the private sector workforce. However, 80% of small businesses fail within their first five years, and according to the most recent Global Entrepreneurship Monitor study South Africa lags far behind many developing nations in terms of its entrepreneurial activity levels.

The competition which runs until April 11 next year aims to drive sustainable venture creation by providing small business owners – who often struggle to survive after launching into business unprepared – with a more systematic approach to business planning.

“Traditionally, business competitions receive thousands of entries, but only end up benefiting the few who ultimately take home the top prize,” said Seda’s CEO, Hlonela Lupuwana.

“Our aim with Seda Small Business Stars is to provide real value for the entire entrant base, all of whom will receive access to free specialised training, designed to strengthen their knowledge of sound business principles, which they can then apply to their business plans going forward.”

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