How to register a company in South Africa

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First of all why would you want to register a company in South Africa?

Because you will trade with it from/in SA, or because you will trade with it from/in another country.

Why would you want to register a company?

Because it is safer to trade through a company than to trade as a sole proprietor. A company can protect you, the director, from risk and liability.

And now, we address the question of exactly “How to register a company in South Africa?”

The official process is intricate and can be fraught with frustration and set-backs as all red-tape issues can be. We, however, have over 27 years of experience in business strat-ups and company registration, and we would like to assist you, making it a relatively smooth and swift process.

How to register a new company in South Africa

How to register (purchase) a shelf company in South Africa

Business registration

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Business registration is an important aspect of starting and effectively running a business.

Business registration takes mainly two routes in South Africa:

  1. Registering a company – read more… OR
  2. Establishing a sole proprietorship – read more

You can follow either of the two routes, and there are of course advantages and disadvantages for both – read more

Once you have registered a company or established a sole proprietorship, there are then several other registration processes which you may need to go through depending on certain factors in your business – read more

Registering a company in South Africa

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Why would you want to register a company in South Africa?

For any number of reasons, some of which are obvious and other less so:

  1. Maybe you wish to trade in SA through a company – read more here: New Company and Shelf Company
  2. You might want to secure a trade name by registering a company with that name
  3. Or you could register a company in SA to trade here and worldwide – see links in 1 above for more.
  4. Perhaps you wish to use an SA company for its international status and standing in dealing with African, European, Asian and other countries – if you will run the company from SA see links in 1 above; if you will run the business of the company in another country read more here: Offshore Companies