Strand – Advertising Sales Executive

How to Get Ahead in Advertising

Job description

Experienced sales staff required to sell advertising.

We are a successful publishing company based in the Strand and due to a recent exciting expansion are recruiting experienced advertising sales experts.

The ideal candidate should be:

• Outgoing, confident, well-spoken, never-say-die attitude, positive and hard-working. Most of the selling is done over the phone, so you have to sound the part, not look the part!

• Able to work in the Helderberg area, i.e. have own transport, able to use public transport or lifts to the area or reside close by.

• All the relevant training will be provided.

• Thick-skinned and able to deal with rejection.

• Hungry to earn – position is paid a generous commission only, no basic salary, so the sky is the limit!

• Able to start fairly soon, within the next two weeks or so.

Full training will be provided on this cutting-edge unique platform that is being sold.

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Strand, Western Cape

Strand, Western_Cape

Central Business District

The town has a vibrant business district, attracting customers from all over the town. The large black and coloured communities situated just outside Strand also flock to the CBD on a daily basis. The CBD offers banks, numerous little shopping malls, restaurants, and supermarkets. The Friedman & Cohen is the largest single shop on the outskirts of the CBD and serves as the main attraction for residents to the area, as well as non-residents. The majour shopping malls in the area include the Dorpsmeent Centre and, the Somerset Mall shopping mall, however the latter is not in the CBD, but rather just outside the town.

Strand’s central business district is entirely surrounded by suburbia. There are, however, other businesses which are not situated in the CBD. Some scholars have suggested that Strand’s CBD is shifting away from the beachfront, due to enormous economic growth and the declining unemployment statistics of the town, which result in more businesses opening their doors in on the in-land boundaries of the CBD.


Strand has its own industrial area, namely the Gants Centre. However in the past few years the Gants Centre has increasingly been accommodating normal businesses other than the usual factories once found there. These in turn are gradually relocating to the dynamite sites outside the town, near Somerset West.

The Gants Centre once had a massive pickling factory, which served as a great job provider to the residents.

In the winters there are a low inversion layer covering the town, resulting in some degree of pollution, however this is rarely seen because of the constant strong winds keeping Strand’s skies clean.

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Why a Business Plan?

What's in the bag? Business of Software 2010

Business plans are not only for
entrepreneurs starting a new
business wanting to obtain
funding. Business plans can
also be very useful for existing
businesses as it can be used as
a management tool to focus
on the organisations vision,
mission and objectives.
At the beginning of a new
year, it may be very useful to
haul out the ‘old’ business
plan to consider whether the
organisation is still on track
and ready for the challenges of
the new year. The business
plan is an effective management tool which can be used
to compare actual results
against targeted performance.
It can therefore be used to
evaluate the organization’s
A business plan may also be
used for the following purposes:
 Obtain bank financing and/
or investment funds
 Arrange strategic alliances
 Obtain large contracts
 Attract key employees
 Motivate & focus management team
The business plan should consider the business environment including the business
itself, the market environment
and the macro-environment.


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