Is your spaza shop registered as a business?

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Is your spaza shop registered as a business?

If you are like many spaza shop owners, then your business is probably not registered.You are running your spaza shop as a personal business. In other words, in the eyes of the law, there is no difference between you and your business.

If your business owes money, the people you owe money can repossess your house, car, furniture and other property. Similarly, if you owe money on your furniture, for example, the furniture shop can sell your spaza shop to get its money back.

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South Africa looks to run small-cap stock market

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QUOTE Africa Group, a Cape Town-based company with licences to operate stock markets in Namibia and the Seychelles, expects an application to start a South African bourse to be considered next year.

South African Financial Exchange, a unit of Quote Africa, planned a new market for venture capital and small and medium-sized companies, company director Francois Venter said in a statement yesterday.

This should boost “accessibility for local and international investors to South African companies by providing lower listing and transaction costs”.

The company said it had applied to the Financial Services Board (FSB) for an exchange licence two years ago. The application was expected to be heard before the appeal board of the FSB early next year, Quote Africa added.

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How to register a company in South Africa

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First of all why would you want to register a company in South Africa?

Because you will trade with it from/in SA, or because you will trade with it from/in another country.

Why would you want to register a company?

Because it is safer to trade through a company than to trade as a sole proprietor. A company can protect you, the director, from risk and liability.

And now, we address the question of exactly “How to register a company in South Africa?”

The official process is intricate and can be fraught with frustration and set-backs as all red-tape issues can be. We, however, have over 27 years of experience in business strat-ups and company registration, and we would like to assist you, making it a relatively smooth and swift process.

How to register a new company in South Africa

How to register (purchase) a shelf company in South Africa