Seven lessons SA can learn from Rwanda

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Rwanda has placed a high emphasis on developing its private sector. “Rwanda is among more than 35 economies where the executive branch has made private sector development a priority by establishing institutions whose main purpose is to design and implement business regulation reforms,” states the report.

“Rwanda’s commitment to private sector development has facilitated growth in exports, domestic investment and foreign direct investment inflows – and the implementation of effective fiscal policies supported by structural and institutional reforms.”

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Small-business ministry coming

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The development of small businesses — which industry players say is retarded by unnecessary red tape and lack of access to finance — is seen as key to reducing the country’s unemployment.

Official statistics put South Africa’s unemployment at about 25%. If people who have given up looking for work are included goes up to more than 40%.

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Small Business Congress

CAPE TOWN/SOUTH AFRICA, 11JUN2009 - Rob Davies...

The 37th International Small Business Congress, taking place in Johannesburg from 15-18 September, will help to chart the way for small business development in South Africa, with a particular focus on emerging industries.

Briefing journalists in Cape Town on Monday, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies said the congress would provide a platform “to benchmark and draw lessons from both the developed and developing countries with a view of sharpening policy development and high impact programmes in the South African SMME sector”.

It will be the first time that the congress is held on the African soil, and more than 1 000 international delegates are expected to descend on the Sandton Convention Centre to discuss the future and role of SMEs in the global economy.

International Small Business Congress president Catherine Swift will be joining speakers from South Africa, Canada, England, Nigeria, Malaysia, Northern Ireland, Cameroon, Japan, France, Mauritius, Sierra Leone and India.

The theme of the congress will be “Fostering small business in new and high-potential industries worldwide”.

Davies said this theme was “of particular importance to South Africa, especially as we widen the market for South African goods and services through stronger focus on exports to the region and other economic groupings such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS).

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